Current Directions

More than two years ago, we advised our supporters that Friends of Abandoned Pets was curtailing its work to deal solely with the cats and dogs already in our care. This was mainly due to a larger number of pets already in foster homes, an unprecedented number of previously adopted pets being returned to our care and fewer volunteers to manage the organization’s day-to-day tasks.

At that time, we found it challenging to continue to do all the work needed to continue to operate effectively, making it difficult to take on any other stray dogs and cats and still making our priority the care of our foster pets. We felt that encouraging our foster homes to adopt their foster pets and while making arrangements with another recue to take over their care in the future would enable us to wind down our operations, with a view to closing entirely.

After re-evaluating the decision to close due to concerns about the well-being of our long term foster pets as well as wanting to be able to continue our long-standing practice of accepting returns of previously-adopted FOAP pets, the Board of Directors agreed that FOAP would continue to operate for the foreseeable future. This decision was explained and was well received by our supporters at last fall’s Annual General Meeting.

We have not done any active fundraising and have been working in a more limited capacity than in past years. While we aren’t in a position to help as much as we once did, we remain available to provide advice to those with stray cat and dog related issues and will always accept returns of our previously adopted pets.

We can be reached at:

Friends of Abandoned Pets
P.O. Box 67052,
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada, K2A 4E4
Telephone: (613) 729-9820

Board of Directors for 2014-2015

Berni Conn, President
Roselyne Green-Brisbois, Vice-President
Linda Marcoux, Treasurer
Carmel Bourgeois, Secretary
Malcolm (Hoppy) Hopkinson, Director
Wendy Saunders, Director
Lorraine Stewart, Director