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A message from Friends of Abandoned Pets

Over the past two years, Friends of Abandoned Pets has been curtailing its work to deal solely with the cats and dogs already in its care. This was the result of a large number of pets already in foster homes; an unprecedented number of previously adopted pets being returned to our care from previous adopters; and an increased workload to manage the organization's day-to-day tasks, with fewer volunteers.

As a result, we were unable to take on any other dogs and cats and still make our priority the care of our foster pets. Even with a number of adoptions, we continued to find it challenging to do all the work needed to operate effectively.

All of us have actively volunteered for Friends of Abandoned Pets for many years and have been involved in every aspect of the organization. Friends of Abandoned Pets was built into a successful pet rescue group - rescuing and rehabilitating thousands of cats and dogs.

Over the years, FOAP volunteers have taken part in significant rescues that have involved the trapping and relocation of abused and neglected dogs. FOAP has been involved with many cat colonies involving hundreds of cats and kittens. These have been huge undertakings in themselves, in addition to assuming responsibility, on a daily basis, for the numerous abandoned, abused and stray animals in our care.

For the past year, we have been winding down our operation, with a view to closing down entirely in 2013. This was not an easy decision. We feel, though, that the timing is right. When Friends of Abandoned Pets came into being in 1992, there were no other animal rescue groups in the Ottawa area. There are now many excellent rescue organizations helping unwanted pets in our community.

The welfare of the animals has always been our priority and will continue to be as we work towards closing down.

We appreciate the kindness, friendship, generosity and commitment shown by our supporters, our volunteers, our members, our veterinarians and veterinary staff over the years. It has enabled us to make a difference in the lives of countless kittens, puppies, cats and dogs. We are proud of what we've accomplished with your help.

We could not have done our work without the tireless efforts of our volunteers. In addition to fundraising, our volunteers have answered our telephone lines and emails, picked up and delivered pets, pet food and supplies, addressed and stuff ed envelopes, performed administrative work, set up information booths, interviewed foster home and adoptive home applicants. They have written articles and taken photographs for community newspapers and the website, participated in major rescues, fostered our pets, managed feral cat colonies, and dealt with sometimes trying situations.

In addition, we want to recognize the people who have maintained our website, written, edited and designed our newsletters, organized events and coordinated volunteers, performed day-to-day tasks, repaired our computers and printed our materials, and looked after the ongoing health of our pets.

Thank you to all of you.
Berni Conn
Friends of Abandoned Pets

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